The Struggle Is Real!!!

Hey Folks! I know you’re probably thinking what struggle is real?! Well I’m glad you asked! The struggle I’m referring to is the struggle to work out on a daily basis!!! Working out is something I know I should do but to be honest it’s not high on my list of priorities after a long day at work or other after work activities. However, I do manage to fit some work out time in at least 3 times a week…good right? Absolutely not! How am I ever going to meet my ‘Get Fit’ goals if I’m just working out 3 times a week now???

Hmmm…Let’s focus on that word now…I did not always have this struggle thought of working out so let me take you back when I use to be an athlete and run track, back when staying fit and exercising on a daily basis was my thing…or  when I was in college and went to the gym with friends to ‘get it right, get it tight’…back when I was getting in shape for my wedding in 2016 when I was super focused…so focused I lost 30 or so pounds and had to stop dropping weight so I would be able to fit in my wedding dress, especially since I had my last fitting about 3.5 weeks before the wedding….

So like I said previously, I know I should work out more if I want to meet my ‘Get Fit’ goals BUT I also know I need to work out if I want to reduce stress in my body from work on the job or whatever I may be dealing with in life.  If you didn’t know already stress is a silent killer and will cause your body to react in negative ways.  Bottom line is that stress is not good and working out on a daily basis is a great way to combat it if you are in a high stress work environment.  Trust me I know, I had joined a project team that had hard deadlines, worked long hours and everything but I still managed to find time to workout which gave me a sound mind, body and soul; however, the hours begin to pick up even more and we were short staffed so my workouts became nonexistent which was not good for my mind, body, and soul.  Long story short, when I incorporated my daily workouts my mind, body and soul was less stressed and I felt like I could function much better because I had released the stresses from my job through my workout.  Also, I found that I performed better on my job and thought clearer.

So all in all working out is great and should be considered a part of your self-care regiment.  Not only am I inspiring you to work out on a daily basis, I’m inspiring myself to work out on a daily basis #NoExcuses  In my last post I discussed the importance of having affirmations for your life so I developed my Top 5 Workout Affirmations and of course I’m going to share them with you! Please feel free to use them as your own to help you combat the struggle of working out on a daily basis!

Work Out Affirmations