Inspirational Music Rotation

Music is one of my favorite ways to uplift my spirit!!! So of course I had to share with you what songs I have in my rotation for inspiration.  The genre of music varies from gospel, r&b, rap, and old school.  I’ll upload a video at least once or twice a week that reveals what’s in my inspirational music rotation and explain why the song is inspirational to me! I look forward to your comments!

Inspirational Song: ‘Just For Me’ by Kirk Franklin (click to listen:!)

It’s in constant rotation for one because the melody is so dope and of course the lyrics are so honest, pure and inspirational. After listening to the song many times, the following lyrics that resonate with me and why are below:

  • ‘Many doors you’ve closed….just for me..’-Can I just say this one line in the song had me on a praise break!!! Many doors were closed for me in the early years of my career journey and I just did not know why.  I could not understand because I had prayed, given my all, and still could not get into the grad school I wanted to get in, land the job I so desperately wanted and much more.  Back then I was not happy at all these doors were being shut..literally SHUT in my face! But I thank GOD for closing those doors and telling me no child I have something better for YOU!!! So I want to encourage  someone today to don’t dwell on the closed doors in your career journey and don’t get depressed about the closed doors.  Stay the course and push through your career waiting season because God is cooking up something special just for you!


  • ‘Necessary pain is the ingredients for change’-This line is so encouraging! Often times the hurt, the pain, the backlash we experience in our career can be soooo much to bear but just remember God wouldn’t give you more than you can bear.  YOU were made to sustain the pain and make it through those tough times. Remember trouble don’t last always but necessary for growth to truly emerge who YOU were made to be.


  • ‘Trusting your timing is not easy…’-This line is simply saying that trusting God’s timing is not easy! I am a witness to that! From a career  perspective, I have had many ups and downs and turning left instead of right.  In other words I was so focused on my plan I had for my career instead of asking God to reveal His plan He had for my me! #GodsPlanNotMyPlan will lead you to places you never even imagine you would be.  Long story short I’ll take God’s plan over mines any day and I encourage you to do so too!

I hope you add this song to your playlist! Let me know how it inspires you to thrive in your career journey by simply emailing

Inspirational Song : Kelly Price-It’s My Time


Inspirational Song :Tye Tribbett-Work It Out

Hello!!! This video is of  my family and I at the Inspiration Celebration Gospel Tour in Maryland and we were thirsty to hear the word of God through song! I’m always thirsty for the word and this song in this video reminds YOU that God will work it out no matter what the problem is at your job or in your business 🙌🏽🙌🏽 This song is definitely in my inspirational music rotation so you should definitely add it to yours!