You Can Make A Career Transition Too!

This week I celebrated my 1st full year of operating as a full-time entrepreneur in an industry that aligns with my divine purpose!

[Backstory] Approximately, 1 year ago I voluntarily left my 6-figure career as an IT Auditor/Consultant at a major organization! I’m still shocked that I did that.

Never in a million years did
I think could do it!

But the fact of the matter is that I did do it! I didn’t voluntarily leave because I was miserable at my 9 to 5 or didn’t like what I was doing. I left because I knew I was being called to work full-time in another industry which is the Career/Professional Development industry.

I thank God for giving me the courage and strength to transition into another industry within my career. Owning my own business and working in this industry literally ignites my soul because I love to serve people by helping them meet their career goals and see people happy with what they do within their careers. It’s a very rewarding experience.

If I can do it you can certainly do it too! Especially, if you know you’re being called to do it. I always say if you’re called to it you have no choice but to do it, it’s your responsibility (John 15:16).

If you are being called to a different industry and not sure how to go about making the transition let’s chat! Simply email me at so we can schedule a time to chat!
P.S. ‘This Girl Can’ is what I tell myself daily to speak life to myself in this career transition season because it aligns to one of my anchor scriptures Philippians 4:13…what’s on of your anchor scriptures


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